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How I Can Best Support You…

To start making changes that will last I know that you need constant support and accountability. It is no small feat to decide that you need to change the way that you have been living for so long. 

Whether you choose to work with me one on one, in a group setting, or with one of the self-paced courses below, you will be provided with the accountability and support you need. 



The Savvy Vitality Method is Our Flagship Program

It contains the method and the mindset.

You will learn how to structure meals so that they are balanced and fuel your body. That there are no “good” or “bad” foods, but there are foods that are nutritionally dense, and ones that are empty. You will be changing how you eat, maybe a little, or maybe a lot, everyone is at a different place.

At the same time we work on habit changes, the mindset piece, and teachings that you will be able to build little by little so that even though you don’t have the time and it all feels like too much to add to an already full plate, you will still be able to start implementing.

The program is 8 weeks because one session starts a foundation, but you cannot make true progress or lasting change without continued support, and without someone to help you work through and navigate the life that comes up as you progress.

You will have the support to reach your goals and transition into healthy habits for the long haul.

Many of us think that if we only had more “willpower” or found the right diet we would be successful. But the truth is that we have to shift our mindset about our relationship with ourselves and food and shift our nutrition habits to get our bodies in balance.

If you are ready to start feeling better in your body, then this program is for you.

Imagine knowing that you are finally taking the steps to get the results that you have been looking for.

Feel the confidence that you will have when you know that your meals are fueling you in the best way possible, and you ENJOY your food, instead of feeling like it is the enemy.

If you are ready to be coached and learn a new way of doing things then this is for you.

When we focus on making changes in these two areas, our minds, and bodies are working TOGETHER, and long-term change and management become easy.

Savvy Method, Program Features

Here’s the weekly plan:

Week 1: The power of your Future Self

Week 2: Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Habits

Week 3: Setting Up Your Space For Success

Week 4: Holistic Weight Loss Tools

Week 5: Core 4 Meals

Week 6: How to Build Weight Loss Green Smoothies

Week 7: I Love My Body

Week 8: Celebrating Wins, Setting Up For Success Beyond the Method


The program is set up so that you can choose from One to One or Group.

You can join at any time, there is no need to wait for a specific date to sign up, when you are ready it’s time! 

The Savvy Vitality Method, One to One Coaching Program

8 Week Package of Virtual One-to-One Appointments

Because we are working on habit change, in a coaching capacity, the minimum recommendation is 8 weeks.

We meet every week (This can be adjusted to every two weeks)for 1 hour on Zoom.

In between our meetings, there is follow-up email communication to help you stay accountable.

Our first appointment is closer to an hour and a half in length as we will be reviewing your “Intake Assessment”. 

PLUS you have access to the Facebook Group and can join the Group calls.

$797 (Payment plan available)

The Savvy Vitality Method, Group Coaching Program

Need more flexibility than one-to-one offers?

The Virtual Group Program may be for you.

If you can’t make it to the live session submit your questions in advance, and the replay will be available.

We meet every two weeks on Wednesday, and cover the weekly plan that is laid out above, plus answer any questions that have been submitted, which the whole group benefits from. You may ask a question that someone else was too nervous to ask! (or vice versa)

Each week for 8 weeks you will receive emails that include a Program Guide, Mindset Sheets, and how to create balanced meals.

You can start at any time (like now :)).

$341.55 (Payment plan available)

Book a FREE Chat

Not sure if this is the right fit for you and your needs? Book a complimentary 15-minute chat, NO Obligation. This chat could run a little longer depending on your questions. I want to ensure that you have the answers that you need.


Quoted from the Health Coach Alliance:
“A Health Coach is a practitioner that has been trained as an expert in how to influence lasting change as it relates to health, mindset, and
 behaviours. The goal of the health coach is to empower their clients to create new lifelong habits by investigating the psychology and root causes behind the issues they are facing that prevent change.

The relationship between that of the health coach and the client is one that gives power to the client and motivates them make their own positive health choices. This is achieved through mentoring and support in the areas of nutrition, and wellness.”

Please review the Code of Ethics if you still have questions.

No. I want to be clear that I am not a Dietitian or Nutritionist, this means that I cannot prescribe a diet specific to a health condition.

While Health Coaching as a profession is not typically included in any list of approved services for Group Plan Insurance at this time, some employers offer a special spending account through their plans or directly through the business (Usually $500 per year) called different things such as a Health Allowance, Health Spending Account, Flexible Spending Plan etc.  Services can be claimed under this offering should it be available.

Self-Study and Self-Paced Plans

(More Coming, stay tuned…)

Holistic Ways To Make Savvy Choices

6 Week Program with weekly emails. While you work through making changes at your own pace, there is guidance on what to do each week. Meal plans and recipes are already done for you so that there are fewer decisions for you to make each day. Swap foods you don’t enjoy for ones that you love.

Kindle Book - The Savvy Guide to a Plan

Kindle Book Now Available

As you start taking the action steps outlined you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how self-care techniques can help you manage your weight, change your lifestyle and reduce stress.