Develop Adventurous Qualities, Curiosity and Vision

develop adventurous qualitiesIt is time to develop adventurous qualities.

It’s time to meet the part of yourself that clings to an immovable faith in high ideals.

Though they are noble ideals, that help improve consciousness and quality of life. They may also reject life and be a defense against fear.  Fear of being human and vulnerable to hurt.

Ask where you might create problems through demanding superhuman perfection of others or yourself.

Meet the childlike curiosity within.

Consider the potential for spiteful gossip, refraining from this marks the beginning of personal growth.

You may be the victim of others’ gossip or tend to start petty quarrels and be irritable and difficult.

This reflects new ideas emerging and true independent thinking, often in someone who has been accustomed to accepting the view of others.

Embrace being comfortable and anchored in the ordinary task of living.

Creative energy flows, although this energy has not yet been formulated as a goal or project.

Restlessness and dissatisfaction with present circumstances are accompanied by a strong feeling that new things are possible.

You are about to embark on an adventure, and develop adventurous qualities in pursuit of a vision.

Allow the vision to unfold.

New things are possible, embrace the creative rush.