What is on the other side of Fear?

other side of fearOn the other side of fear, what could you be missing?

This past week we took a long weekend to explore our own province.

We’ve always loved taking a day trip here and there.

A couple of years ago we took the leap and invested in a camper so that we could enjoy going further while camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

We usually look for off the beaten path type of places, some can be found on the map, while others you only find by traveling the area.

The picture in this post is one of those finds.

We could see it from the road, but to get to experience it and see it close up involved climbing down a steep bank to get there.

I was not going to do it. Period, end of subject. A picture could be taken from the road.

I did not have the proper footwear.

I was wearing clothes that I did not want to get dirty if I fell. (Truth be told, I never want to get dirty, regardless of what I am wearing.)

I was nervous about traipsing down the incline.

My husband was hearing none of it. He held out his hand, “You can’t let fear rule you…c’mon.”

And we went.

You really could not get the experience of this by looking at it from the road, even though that was pretty amazing.

other side of fear. Lisa Corkum, LHC

This was the view from the road. It is a part of the old railway bed. You can also see the suspended bridge in the distance on the left.

No matter how much coaching or personal development you do, you are still human, sometimes you need a little inspiration from someone else.

A gentle nudge, or even just common sense from someone.

So I have a couple of quick nuggets for you.

  1. If you are not in a position to travel to distant places, even though that may be one of your deepest desires and in your future, find things you can do closer to home.

  2. It is not as out of reach as you may believe it is right now.

    Get out and find the hidden treasure that may be no further than your backyard. We went 3 hours from our home to find this.

  3. And the wise words of my husband “You can’t let fear rule you.”

    It is so easy to say you will do it later,  or tomorrow, or when the timing is just right and the stars have aligned.

    Now, I am not suggesting that anyone be reckless. But remember, life is short, we are not promised anything.

    We all have something we can allow to hold us back. A chronic, invisible illness is mine. But I choose to live now, while I can.

Do what you can now, today, that is in line with the way you want your life to look in the future. It is amazing how much closer you are to fulfilling your dreams than you believe you are.

Stop living vicariously through others.

What is on the other side of fear?

What could you achieve if you weren’t afraid?

Enjoy life today.

Be inspired.

Live with Savvy Vitality.